About Me

Hi, it’s me again. Here is a bit of more information about my photography career.


A long long time ago, back to 2008 I was working for a London based big photography studio. My role has involved lots of different photography types. I have worked the London Fashion Show, film festivals, music videos, weddings and so on. Many years later I decide to start my own photography business rather than work for a big company.


Byron Photography is my second wedding photography website which focuses on local weddings, pre-wedding and family photography.  I have done photo shoots for more than 500 couples in the past 8 years and travelled to over 100 different locations.




My Journey took me to the Eastnor castle, Leeds castle, Hever Castle, Bovery Castle , Peckforton Castle and many more.


I have worked in all the big locations. London, Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Essex, Reading, Cotswolds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Plymouth, St Ives.